The trial in Samantha Markle's case against Meghan may be pushed back to 2024

Per recent court filings in Samantha Markle's libel and slander case against Meghan Markle, a joint motion was just filed asking the judge to push back scheduling in the case. If this motion is granted any trial in the case would not start until January 2024.

According to the motion documents, in early January 2023 counsel for Samantha Markle approached Meghan's counsel regarding the dates of pre-trial depositions and it was agreed that a request be made to the Middle District of Florida Court (Tampa) to delay all steps in the case by 90-days.

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
From Meghan's part, there are still two outstanding motions that were submitted by her counsel on her behalf and which, as of today, have yet to be decided. 

The first motion asked to dismiss Samantha's case in its entirety, and the second motion requested a pause / stay on pre-trial discovery pending the outcome of the first motion. The first motion was initially filed with the court back in May of 2022. 

If Meghan is successful on her motion to dismiss the case that will be the end of it. Alternatively, her motion may result in an order by the court that narrows the issues to be decided at any future trial. 

In the meantime, Samantha has been back on her anti-Meghan media crusade, this past week taking part in an interview on Fox News with host Tucker Carlson. It goes without saying that Samantha continues to disparage Meghan. 

Despite Samantha pleading in her court application that comments allegedly made by Meghan led to Samantha losing lucrative work opportunities, Samantha appears to get regular offers to appear on TV shows. Perhaps Meghan should be asking for a share of the proceeds!


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