Prince Harry will attend the 2023 BetterUp "Uplift" Conference in San Francisco this March

In his role as Chief Impact Officer for the coaching organization BetterUp, Prince Harry and a host of other 'names' will attend the company's annual two-day conference to be held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco on March 7th and 8th 2023. You can pay $995.00 to attend in person or attend virtually FREE of charge to all but the workshops taking place during the event.

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

BetterUp are describing this event as a "confluence of leaders..., committed to the idea that people matter and their transformation is key to building a thriving business today — and tomorrow."

BetterUp are offering what they describe as a 2-day summit where CHROs (Chief Human Resources Officers), CxOs (Chief Experience Officers), and other executives can connect with industry icons, renowned researchers, and world-class coaches to share experiences, ideas, and inspiration needed to move their businesses forward.

Items on the Agenda will include: 

⚡ Insights from ground-breaking studies on resilience and connection

⚡ Fostering innovation and agility for a thriving culture in times of uncertainty

⚡ Supporting managers by developing new mindsets, behaviors, and skills.

There are many guest speakers with more being announced all the time including the American actress, writer, producer, and comedian Issa Rae. Issa was one of the guests on Meghan Markle's award winning 2022 Spotify podcast "Archetypes."

Prince Harry has previously attended at BetterUp annual conferences and he is well-received when he speaks. 


Unknown said…
Yes! Prince harry, Prince of hearts
Unknown said…
Yes! Prince harry, Prince of hearts
Ida Welhaven Heiberg said…
I am all for Harry and Meghan. I have just finished "Spare", I have seen the two recent interviews with jim plus the Netflix-series. Plus the Oprah Winfrey interview some years ago. I think Harry is brave and to the point. The media are horrendous, and the fact that people think they get served the true story there, is incredible.

My friends here in Norway ask me what he he gan possibly gain from revealing all this. I don't have the answer, perhaps the answe is "very little", but I do know that i'd rather have my voice heard than just sit there and receive non-stop abuse 24-7.

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