More TV dates in January 2023 for Interviews by Prince Harry to promote his memoir "Spare"

In addition to the two previously announced interviews, Prince Harry will be sitting down for chats about his memoir 'Spare' on Good Morning America on Monday January 9th 2023 and also on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday January 10th.

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Harry's memoir is not officially due to be released until January 10th however due to a gaff it has been released early in parts of Spain. UK newspapers have managed to get a hold of copies and have been constantly reporting on the sensational 'news' from the book.

Everyone, it seems is frantically trying to keep up with the latest revelations. 

I will take it easy and wait for my copy to wing its way to me. 

The timing of the release, and this may be deliberate, is taking place during the period when the senior UK Royals are still on their Christmas breaks and thus not forced to comment. 


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