The Sun Newspaper UK apologises to its readers (but not directly to Meghan Markle) for Jeremy Clarkson's vile December 2022 newspaper column

As a result of the on-going fall-out from the vile newspaper column about Meghan Markle written by UK TV host Jeremy Clarkson, a column that passed inspection by Editors at the Sun UK newspaper prior to being published on December 16th 2022 (and since removed), the Sun UK issued a statement today in which it sort of apologised - but mainly to its readers.

The Clarkson column resulted in over 20,000 complaints to the UK press regulator IPSO on grounds of discrimination and harassment. This is remarkable. The number of complaints generated from this one article exceeded the total number of complaints received by IPSO during the whole of 2021. 

Meghan followers on social media were quick to notice that the 'apology' by the Sun UK does not say sorry directly to Meghan, it only says somewhat generally that the newspaper is not responsible for columnists' opinions and sort of reluctantly adds "with free expression comes responsibility." The statement does express general sorrow for publishing the article. 

An update to the non-apology to Meghan directly was noted by Harry and Meghan and on December 24th 2022 they issued the following statement:

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Still no news from the Royal Family addressing the threats of violence towards Meghan in the Clarkson article, nor any statement addressing the fact that Queen's Consort Camila had attended the same function as Mr. Clarkson in the days shortly before the article was published. Everyone is still expecting the Royal Family to address these issues given many of the Royals are patrons for charities linked to domestic violence and / or abuse against women. 


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