Meghan Markle included in the UK Financial Times Magazine list of the 25 Most Influential Women for 2022

Editors of the UK Financial Times Magazine have released the names of the women chosen to be included in their list of the 2022 Women of the Year. Meghan Markle was chosen in the 'Creators' category. 

UK born writer and journalist Yomi Adegoke describes how Meghan has "become a symbol of resilience for many silenced women. Specifically speaking, for women of colour and, even more specifically, mixed-race and black women. "

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Yomi added that Meghan's experience within the royal family "resonated with those who have had to navigate historically white, elitist institutions that are, at best, not built with them in mind and, at worst, outwardly hostile."

Yomi praised Meghan for choosing to use her voice this year as she launched her podcast, Archetypes, in which Meghan explores the labels used to contain and inhibit women, which Yomi describes as "fitting, given the projection and smears Meghan has endured from the press."

Yomi ends in saying that for the black community in particular, it was hard to watch Meghan's "demonization" by the British media and public, but "seeing her come into her own, and use her platform to speak about what matters to her, Meghan has sent a message even louder than she may have intended."


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