Prince Harry & Meghan Markle send best wishes to Elton John on his 2022 Farewell Tour

In a short video clip aired on the Disney+ streaming service Meghan and Harry wished Elton John all of the best ahead of his Los Angeles concert, the final North American stop on Elton's 2022 Farwell Tour. The clip was filmed with Meghan and Harry standing outside an office bearing the logo of their Archewell Foundation. In previous weeks, attendees at Elton's concerts have spotted a photo of Harry and Meghan, taken at their 2018 wedding, as well images of the late Princess Diana projected onto a screen on-stage whilst Elton was performing.

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Cuddling each other, Meghan and Harry congratulate Elton and send him wishes and express their gratitude for being able to have seen his farewell tour. Harry goes on to thank Elton for making his fans happy over the decades and for entertaining people all around the world.

Harry then thanks Elton for being a friend to his mom and to himself, Meghan, and their kids, and he adds his congratulations on Elton's incredible career - one that is not over just yet as Elton is slated to take up residence in Las Vegas in the coming months.  

Meghan and Harry congratulate Elton John on his 2022 Farewell Tour


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