Meghan Markle & Prince Harry join to build a new playground for Uvalde, Texas children following 2022 school shooting

Meghan and Harry through their Archewell Foundation partnered with the City of Uvalde and the US national non-profit KABOOM to create a new play space for children and families living in the Texas city. The Uvalde community are still recovering from the after effects of a mass school shooting in May 2022 that saw 19 students and 2 teachers killed inside the Robb Elementary School, and other deaths and people injured.

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

The new play space is located in DeLeon Park and was created with input from local residents and those closely impacted by the school shooting. Members of the community put in requests for what they wanted to see included in the play space. They recognized the benefits of doing something for the children who have gone through much trauma as a result of their experiences.

James Holt the Executive Director of Meghan and Harry's Archewell Foundation was at Uvalde on the day that the play equipment was erected. In a press release Holt said "it has been an honour to support the children and families in the Uvalde design and build of this amazing space where the community can come together." He added: "our hope is that this special project can help the community heal and be home to imagination, games and play for many years to come. 

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

The non-profit KABOOM works to create what they term equitable play spaces across the US. As well as departments from within the City of Uvalde, other partners to the DeLeon Park project included: Playworld, Playground Solutions of Texas and the veterans non-profit The Mission Continues. 


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