Meghan Markle in new interview and photo shoot with Variety Magazine

Meghan gave an interview and participated in a photo shoot with the entertainment news magazine Variety. This media work was linked to the 2022 Variety Power of Women event, that saw Meghan honoured for her charity work and her podcast alongside other 2022 honorees that included: Drew Barrymore, Camila Cabello, Kim Cattrell, Queen Latifah and Venus Williams. Meghan could not attend the in-person award ceremony and she had chosen to defer the publication of the interview due to the death of the Queen.

The Variety piece written by Matt Donnelly is a fairly lengthy article describing Meghan in a way that that the public don’t see or hear about, that of what he calls a ‘nerdy American mom’ doing all the things regular moms do including absentmindedly singing the song to one of her kids favourite TV shows.

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

During the interview Meghan was asked and respectively responded to questions about the period of mourning for the Queen and her own relationship with the late monarch. Donnelly and Meghan chatted a lot about Meghan’s podcast, with Meghan saying that she is not a journalist but strives to have a candid, real conversation with her guests and saying she does edit the conversations so that she includes the parts that she feels are fair to her guests, as well as uplifting to the audience.

Dealing head on with hers and Harry’s 2021 Oprah Interview that aired to 18 million people, Meghan is asked how she felt in the days after the interview aired. Nervous and a bit uncomfortable about how those close to her would react, but reassured, Meghan responded, by the support from her network, especially from other women that she received – what Meghan terms the sisterhood of female support.

Other pieces of information from the Variety interview we read was Meghan saying that she is done in terms of her acting career. She has no intention to return to it, but said that if one of her kids one day announced that they wanted a career in entertainment, she would completely support them, wanting her kids to find the things that bring them complete joy.

Meghan confirmed that she and Harry are indeed working on a docuseries with film director and producer, Liz Garbus, with Meghan saying that they are trusting Liz to tell their story, and with Meghan sounding nervous that the story may well be told in a way that she and Harry would not have done. That is a mysterious statement for sure.

The interview like Meghan’s Podcasts, helps us to see another dimension to Meghan, a woman who is settling into her role as a mother and a wife – some would say the old Meghan is back. Meghan is recently described as a powerful global phenomenon, who whenever she talks, the world pauses & listens.


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