Is Meghan Markle a Diva or Not?

In Episode 2 of Meghan Markle's Archetypes podcast titled "The Duality of Diva" she and Mariah Carey talk, amongst other things, about the word diva - the historical definition and use of the word, and then how the word came to be used as a derogatory term against a certain kind of woman. In the podcast Mariah says at one point to Meghan "you give us diva moments sometimes." So is Meghan A diva or not?

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
For people who dislike Meghan they would immediately say yes, in this instance using the negative definition of the word: 'a woman with a reputation for being temperamental or demanding.'

Meghan supporters might also agree that Meghan is a diva or has diva moments, this time using the more empowering definition of the word: 'goddess-like in the eyes of her adoring public.' 

Mariah told Meghan that when Meghan dresses up glam and does her hair just so, Meghan surely does have diva like moments. Weirdly, when you look up the word diva on Wikipedia a photograph of Mariah Carey accompanies the web-page.

Before Meghan's podcast with Mariah, which admittedly was the first time that I have ever listened to a Mariah interview, I also might have considered Mariah a diva in the negative sense of the word. But having listened to Mariah talk about her childhood including exposure to domestic violence in her mother's relationships, and hearing just how far she has come through her own hard work, Mariah deserves to use the word diva in whatever way she wants to - she has surely earned it. 

For her own part, Mariah has no real issue being called a diva. She feels the word, whilst sometimes misused when describing her, is something she can have fun with. Also, having grown up in humble circumstances and having aspired to become a star, Mariah feels being called a diva means she has made it and done so with glamour and style, with Mariah having no wish to be viewed as ordinary or what she calls being pedestrian.

As for Meghan. I would describe Meghan positively as a strong woman, a woman who knows her worth and knows her own mind. Meghan stands up to those (mostly men and sadly women in the media) who keep trying to drag her down. And, despite many people wanting her to go away and shut up, she keeps showing up, looking glam, and keeps using her voice. 

People might throw the word diva at Meghan to try and trash her, but like Mariah I think Meghan should own the word. Who knows, maybe we will see a further evolution in the definition of the word Diva, one meaning to be a strong and fearless person in the face of people who want to see you destroyed. 


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