Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's Archewell Foundation is being honoured with a humanitarian award

Harry and Meghan through their Archewell Foundation are being honoured for their work in advocating for Afghan refugees and asylum seekers. The Human First Coalition are presenting both Archewell and US Senator Richard Blumenthal with Awards at a ceremony taking place in New York City on August 15th 2022. James Holt, the Executive Director of the Archewell Foundation, will accept the Partner Organization Award on behalf of Meghan and Harry.

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

Human First Coalition was set up by Navy reservist and former Taliban hostage Safi Rauf. The organization focuses on providing food, shelter and healthcare for those in need as well as trying to evacuate and resettle eligible Afghans. Per their website, they advise that so far they have helped to evacuate over 7,000 vulnerable Afghans, working alongside the US State Department and other partner NGOs. 

Since the Taliban has taken over control of the whole of Afghanistan, girls above grade 6 are not allowed to attend school. Human First now includes advocating for girls education as part of its core mission.

As part of Meghan and Harry's 2021 Christmas message, the couple made donations through their Foundation to several charities, including one to the Human First Coalition. 

James Holt, ED of Archewell Foundation, said that "it was an honour to be recognized by Human First Coalition, whose steadfast work in Afghanistan has played a critical role in delivering much needed aid and resulted in the successful evacuation and resettlement of thousands globally." He added "we share a commitment to supporting families and veterans and are grateful for their partnership."


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