Meghan Markle shows her mental strength & her beauty in August 2022 NY Magazine interview & fashion shoot

In an interview by Allison P. Davis for Vox Media's New York The Cut Magazine, Meghan Markle showed us that as much as some people would like her to go away - she isn't. What's more she will not be cowered into silence. 

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
In a fair and objectively written rare interview by Meghan released purposely around the launch date of her Spotify podcast Archetypes, we got to learn Meghan's 'side' to a few more events in hers and Harry's life; some updates on the children; and more details about the family life in Montecito. 

Here are some of the take away points from the interview:

  1. Meghan is contemplating a return to Instagram - but is not sure. In her Suits days Meghan had amassed 3 million followers for her lifestyle blog The Tig. She loved sharing her life with her followers but hated the bullying she got when she and Harry operated their @SussexRoyal social media accounts. It is a wait and see if Meghan decides (yes) or (no) to a return to social media.
  2. Meghan is still healing from the period she spent in the UK and her law suit against the Daily Mail. She feels she is making a series of steps forward and some backward steps. Very much a process. The writer comments how Meghan as a woman of her times, has transformed a hard situation into content.
  3. Meghan sees herself as an A class personality (joking even her blood is type A) admitting she likes to be in control and hands on with her projects, speculating she was, in this regard, too American for the (read this as cautious and slow moving) Royal Family. Meghan was made to feel that she violated social norms in the UK.
  4. Harry and Meghan fell in love with their Montecito home when they first toured it and had to have it. The interlinked pair of palm trees in the garden were a hit with Harry, who likened the trees to themselves. Like all homes there are repairs needs (Harry mentions the piping / plumbing work). The home is described by the writer as a cross between a Tuscan villa, a Napa vineyard and a manicured Beverley Hills country club decorated with coastal tones and a casual air. A luxurious home to be sure.
  5. They do have a nanny (contrary to speculation that Meghan's mom Gloria was the live-in nanny.)
  6. They are not filming a reality TV show for Netflix but there are hints of a a film about Harry and Meghan's 'love story.'
  7. Meghan remains committed to protecting her children from the media spotlight. She loves the fact she can take Archie to nursery school without being hounded by photographers and media as might be the case if Archie went to school in the UK. I think we should take this as a huge hint that Archie will stay in the US, at least at first, when he reaches school age. 
  8. Meghan is cautious about what she does and does not say. The writer said it is like Meghan has a inner producer, with Meghan carefully mulling over / policing every word before she articulates it. Meghan having learnt the hard way that every word she utters is scrutinized and picked apart. Even the writer worried that what she wrote will be 'misinterpreted and dissected rudely and maliciously.'
  9. Meghan said she has made an active effort to repair relationships, adding that she thinks forgiveness is very important. Meghan knows she can say 'anything' having never signed any sort of non-disclosure agreement - the fact that she has been silent on so many things should be seen as the efforts she is making to keeps things good with the Royal Family (hint hint - she has a lot more stuff she could be saying but isn't.)
  10. Both Harry and Meghan were seen by the writer to be closely bonded to Archie and Lili - both of whom have Harry's red and wavy hair, with the couple teaching Archie the importance of good manners. Manners make the man says Meghan. 

Along with the written article, Meghan modelled various designed outfits with the photographs taken by Campbell Addy. 

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Most of the photos show Meghan in confident poses as befitting a women who was already a millionaire and her own women before marrying Prince Harry. But the photo that I like best is the one of Meghan in a Tweed dress by Chanel, bare footed and smiling and at ease with herself - happy with who she is and happy to use her voice. 


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