First full Episode of Meghan Markle's Spotify podcast Archetypes airs with guest Serena Williams

The first full Episode of Meghan Markle's exclusive to Spotify podcast Archetypes has aired. The podcast series will be looking at the often negative labels applied to women, labels used to try and hold women back from what others see as women's 'proper' place. The first episode has as guest Meghan's friend Serena Williams and is called "The Misconception of Ambition." 

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

During the hour long episode we hear Meghan and Serena discuss how women with ambition are treated differently from ambitious men. The pair discuss the negative labels that are sometimes used when discussing women who want to get ahead in life such as calculating, aggressive, a climber, and with ambitious women seen as deserving what they get in terms of any negative backlash - something both Serena and Meghan have endured in their lives.

We also get to hear some new information about Meghan's life, with Serena's giving us more insight behind her recent decision to 'evolve' away from professional tennis, a decision Serena describes as a hard one to make but one that will allow her to expand her family and concentrate her efforts on her business interests. Serena also talks about how being ambitious does not come without an element of fear.

Meghan takes the opportunity to address (whilst not referencing the book) some of the tabloid headlines arising from the recent unauthorized biography of her written by Tom Bower. Also listen out for a short and sweet appearance from Prince Harry, who Serena (like Meghan) refers to as "H".

Here is a link to the transcript of this first episode

This episode is a gentle introduction to what will be a 12 episode series, with the guest next week being Mariah Carey. 


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