Meghan Markle's visit to Dutch non-profit Project Fearless celebrated on the NGO's 3rd Anniversary

During Meghan and Harry's April 2022 trip to the Hague in Holland for the Invictus Games, it turns out that Meghan made a side-trip to Amsterdam to meet with teen and pre-teen participants on an entrepreneur course at the community services non-profit Project Fearless. The news of Meghan's visit came to light when the organization posted key-milestones in their history as part of their 3rd Anniversary celebrations, which included Meghan's visit.

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

Project Fearless describes itself as a space for any girl or non-binary in Amsterdam aged 9-14 to enjoy hands-on experiences and to find their voice and create an impact. The organization offers multiple programs including various 8-week long courses, one of which was the entrepreneurship course that Meghan dropped in on.

Project Fearless was founded by Mérida Miller who states that she grew up in Virginia in the USA where she was involved in working on the local ski mountain and coaching adaptive snow sports for kids and adults with disabilities. Feeling that the corporate world wasn’t enough for her, she was motivated to work with the next generation, creating what she describes on her organization's website as an "empowering, supportive atmosphere, giving kids space to play without the pressure of perfection, where they can learn to celebrate each other’s falls and wins, while building their own resilience and self-confidence, experience varied leadership styles from accessible role models, and discover who they are on their own terms. "

Mérida Miller and some of the clients

Mérida ethos is “we know girls are ready to change the world... we are just giving them the tools and space to do so" - which sounds exactly like something Meghan would say. 


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