Meghan Markle ends her UK Patronage with Mayhew UK, making a kind donation for an animal shelter wing

In a press release today by the UK animal welfare charity for cats and dogs The Mayhew CEO Howard Bridges, wrote that “It has been an incredible privilege for Mayhew to have worked closely with Meghan." In her statement confirming that her three year-old patronage had come to an end, Meghan wrote of how she was first introduced to Mayhew, by her "dear friend, animal behaviorist, Oli Juste. " 

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

It was Oli and his fiancĂ© Rob who helped care for Meghan's rescue dog, Guy when she first moved to the UK, when Guy was recovering from a debilitating accident.  

When living in the UK Meghan said she was exploring possible organizations to volunteer with, and it was Oli who introduced her to the Mayhew. Meghan said she fell in love with the Mayhew and soon became their Royal patron. Mayhew kept on Meghan as their patron even after the Queen removed hers and Harry's other Royal patronages.

As a parting gift Meghan has funded a wing at the shelter at Mayhew for animals that may "be having a harder time to find their forever homes," and is doing so in honour of Oli who Meghan says tragically and suddenly passed away in January 2022. 

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Meghan praised the Mayhew team for the incredible work that they have been doing both in the UK and overseas in countries such as Afghanistan. Meghan writes that it was an honour to be patron of Mayhew and she will continue to give her unwavering support to the charity. Meghan encouraged us to consider adopting or otherwise supporting rescue animals. 


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