Thomas Markle is considering attending the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in the UK? YouTube series Episode 2

Episode 2 of Thomas Markle's new YouTube channel came out a little later than advertised. During the second program he and co-host, photographer Karl Larsen, continued from where they left off last week, basically bad-mouthing Meghan and Harry, with Prince Harry getting most of the attacks this week. 

At one point Thomas seemed to walk back comments he made in last week's video, when he said he supported daughter Samantha over daughter Meghan, maybe realising how harsh that had sounded.
Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

Here's a list of the key points they spoke about this week:

  • Thomas once again thanked other anti-Meghan and Harry YouTubers for their "support and inspiration."
  • Thomas confirmed that Meghan was definitely born in 1981.
  • Thomas and Karl believe that it was their own YouTube launch that prompted Spotify to announce Meghan's upcoming Podcast series, but with Thomas saying he 'does not think Meghan will follow through.'
  • The pair joked about Prince Harry wearing orange in a recent meeting with some of the Netherland Invictus Games team, likening Harry to a carrot.
  • Thomas denied choosing Samantha over Meghan and instead said he was supporting the truth, adding that if in a book Samantha writes lies about Meghan, then he would support Meghan.
  • Thomas felt Meghan started to 'change' in her last year of high school and again, when she was in college, and then she changed for good when she was working in Toronto with her Canadian friends.
  • Harry going to Europe for the Invictus Games and not to Prince Phillip's memorial was judged to be disrespectful to the Queen. With Thomas saying the Queen is "in a wheelchair" and suffering from all the stress and we should pray for her good health.
  • Karl proposed that he and Thomas go to the UK for either Prince Phillip's memorial or the Queen's Jubilee - saying they can 'take the seat that Harry is not using.' (NB Prince Harry has not said he will not be going to the UK for the Jubilee)
  • It was like Thomas and Karl are hoping someone will invite them / pay for them to go to the UK.
  • The pair joked about Harry's concerns for his security in the UK and said he went to a rodeo where there would have been 1000's of guns and he was not afraid.
  • Thomas feels he must 'apologize' to the Royals and the Brits. for his daughter's behaviours (notably he does not feel he needs to apologize for his own.)
  • Thomas likens himself to the Queen in so much as he has not seen his grandkids in person.

So nothing overly interesting - same old gripping about his daughter and son-in-law.


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