Two UK Tabloid newspapers expect the impossible from Prince Harry & Meghan Markle regarding Spotify's anti-vax crises

As we know Meghan and Harry have a podcast deal with Spotify. This week Spotify finds itself embroiled, once again,  in issues surrounding their top podcaster Joe Rogan who continues to interview guests who have unapologetic anti-vax (COVID) views. The UK newspapers are reporting in such a way as to try and provoke a statement from  Prince Harry and Meghan on this issue, however, the two big tabloids are expecting polar-opposite reactions from the couple.

The UK Mail newspaper wants Meghan and Harry to support Spotify and what they call the right of free speech, whereas The Sun UK newspaper take the opposite view, rebuking Harry and Meghan for not cancelling their contract with Spotify due to the fact that Spotify are allowing anti-vaxxers a platform. 

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

Talk about a no-win situation for Meghan and Harry!


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