Prince Harry & Meghan Markle speak to continuing concerns over misinformation on Spotify and elsewhere

This past week has seen Spotify face another issue about antivaxx sentiment springing from content out of their top Podcast the Joe Rogan Experience. The latest issue arose when musicians including Neil Young and Joni Mitchell asked Spotify to remove their music from the streaming platform, citing as the reason that Spotify was not doing enough to remove "lies and misinformation" about COVID from their platform.

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

Harry and Meghan released their own statement today, saying that they have been concerned for a long time about the global  'misinformation crises' and its negative effects on people in general. Then, without specifically mentioning Joe Rogan, Meghan and Harry go on to state that they have been talking with Spotify about the COVID misinformation on Spotify's platform. 

Meghan and Harry say they will continue to have discussions with Spotify on this issue hoping that Spotify "meet this moment" as Meghan and Harry continue to work with them.

Meghan and Harry's statement

To summarize, Meghan and Harry are not cancelling their contract with Spotify today, but they would like Spotify to address the antivaxx misinformation on its platform.

Earlier in the week Spotify said they had already removed 'over 20,000' podcast episodes related to COVID since the on-set of the pandemic.


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