Prince Harry gives his input behind "The Great Resignation" trends in the workplace

In a Question and Answer interview with Fast Company Magazine during which Prince Harry answers questions about his role with mental health coaching company BetterUp , Harry puts forward his thoughts about the giant job resignations being seen in the U.S. and across the world.

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

In a recent article by Abby Vesoulis in TIME magazine, it was found that a record-breaking 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August 2021 across an array of industries, and at a time when jobs were plentiful. In trying to investigate what was behind this "great resignation" it was determined that there was no single factor driving this behaviour. A range of reasons were behind this behavioural trend including:

  1. Workers being fed up with low paid jobs and lack of career opportunities
  2. Lack of childcare or expensive childcare forcing many parents to stop working, or having to leave a job to care for other family members who are ill - especially during the pandemic
  3. Those working through the pandemic facing increased workload and unsafe work conditions with fear of exposure to COVID
  4. Workers are fed-up, burnt out, and unsatisfied with their current jobs

You can add to this list other factors such as:

  • Changes in how jobs are being done (e.g., increased technology) and people thinking this is not what I signed up for,
  • A realization that it is possible to live on less income than we have previously thought we could, so why 'kill' ourselves in a job we don't like for no increased personal benefit,
  • People turning hobbies or side jobs into businesses, and
  • People who were already close to retirement simply pulling forward their retirement date.

Prince Harry feels that the resignations we have seen over the last year or so are a reflection of underlying issues that have been brewing for some time, and that COVID brought these to the foreground. Harry feels that people are finally paying attention to their mental health.

Harry said that in conversation with BetterUp board member Adam Grant, he came to the realization that job resignations are not necessarily bad for individuals, and are a sign "of self-awareness and the need for change."

Harry added that many people were stuck in jobs they did not enjoy and they are now putting their mental health and happiness first. Harry said this 'is something to be celebrated.'


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