Meghan Markle wants to hear from Girls Inc. members

On what is the UN International Youth Day - Girls Inc. have posted information about a Call to Action that was launched by Meghan Markle last month, asking members to either make a video or write an essay.

Meghan Markle wants to hear from Girls Inc. members
Meghan wants to hear from the girls on 2 questions

  1. Challenges they’re facing, how adults can support them, and 

  2. The women throughout history who inspire them.

Young teenage girls from the Central Alabama branch of Girls Inc. have reported that some of the challenges they face include: society's expectations of women and girls in regards to body image; bullying; and inequitable school dress codes and having their bodies sexualised. 

In terms of the women in history who inspire these girls, I wonder if Meghan will incorporate the responses from the Girls Inc. members in her new Netflix animated series Pearl?


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