Meghan Markle has taught the UK Royal Family to say the "R" word

The Royal Family have finally learned to say the word Racism. Well some of the them. In rightly condemning the abuse on social media and elsewhere against the black players on the England squad, after the teams penalty shoot-out loss to Italy in the Euro 2020 football final, Prince William tweeted that he was 'sickened by the racist abuse aimed at England players "finding  it unacceptable that players (notably not saying black people in general) had to endure this 'abhorrent behaviour.'

Meghan has taught the UK Royal Family to say the "R" word
Prince Charles could not quite bring himself to use the word racism, and he instead softly peddled his thoughts saying he recognized the 'rich diversity of cultures' that made this country so special.

Notably no one was accusing Prince William or Prince Charles of being 'political' with their comments, which likely would have happened if either Meghan or Harry had said them. So well done Meghan, they may not all like you, but you have influenced the Royal Family. 


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