Meghan Markle & Prince Harry squash rumours about who is coming to Prince Phillip's funeral

Within hours after the sad announcement of the death of the Queen's husband, Prince Phillip, the UK press were speculating about whether Prince Harry and Meghan would come to the funeral that will take place in the grounds of Windsor Castle on Saturday April 17th 2021.

In my mind there was never any doubt that Prince Harry would attend. What was not sure was whether Meghan, who is heavily pregnant with their second child, ought to travel in light of the pregnancy and the on-going Covid-19 health issues. Whilst the UK is ahead of the game in terms of vaccinating its residents, the Covid-19 numbers have recently been on the increase in Europe with many countries going back into lockdowns.

Meghan and Harry squash rumours about whose coming to Prince Phillip's funeral

I am sure it was a very difficulty decision for Harry and Meghan to have to make, with Meghan on the one hand wanting to support Harry and to show her respects to the Queen, but on the other hand not wanting to jeopardize her own health and that of their unborn child, especially after her miscarriage last year.  

Today we have heard that Prince Harry will attend what is being described as a private, military style funeral, whilst Meghan, despite wanting to go to the funeral and despite trying to make it happen, has been cautioned by her doctors not to fly to the UK for the funeral. 

Unfortunately, I am sure we will see Meghan pillared by the UK press. But let's face it, she would have been no matter what she decided. 


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