UK High Court orders the Mail on Sunday and Mail Online to publish a statement that Meghan was successful in her Court Case

The RT Hon. Lord Justice Warby in his Judgment dated March 5th 2021 has ordered that the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail Online must print a statement to advise readers that Meghan was 'given judgment on her claim for copyright infringement' due to the fact that Associated Newspapers published extracts from her handwritten letter to her father.

Further, the newspaper must notify their readers that a trial will be held to settle the remedies to which Meghan is entitled.
Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
The newspapers had previously (reluctantly?) admitted in their publications that Meghan was successful on her breach of privacy case, but had alluded that Meghan was not successful on the breach of copyright case, something which was seen as misleading.

Let's wait and see how big their corrective statement is!


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