Oh Thomas Markle. Why oh why after the Oprah interview did you have to go back on T.V.?

One of the CBS 'bonus clips' from the sit down televised interview between Oprah, Meghan, and Harry was a brief conversation between Oprah and Meghan, about Meghan's father Thomas Markle.

Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
In the conversation, Oprah seemingly infers or suggests that maybe Thomas could be forgiven for succumbing to the pressure put on him by the UK tabloids in the run up to Meghan and Harry's 2018 wedding, when he gave a TV interview. After all, Meghan had recounted the lengths that the tabloids went to, to get Thomas to speak to them, even moving in to a property right next door. Maybe Thomas, unlike Meghan's mom Doria who has never given an interview, was just weak?

Oprah had me thinking (a little) sympathetically towards Thomas. We are all human beings and have our weaknesses. We are not perfect. Not all of us are strong.  Maybe if we were in that position we too may have forgotten that our role as a parent is to protect our child. In a moment of weakness, we too might have caved and given an interview.

So I was mulling this over and thinking maybe Meghan should give her dad Thomas another chance. Then I heard that today he gave another TV interview, to Piers Morgan (before he quit) when Thomas once again bad mouthed Meghan and Harry. Why oh why can't Thomas get the fact that if he wants to have any sort of relationship with Meghan and Harry, and if he wants to actually see his grandchild Archie, that he can't be bad-mouthing Meghan and Harry at every opportunity.

Sorry Oprah, you had me feeling sorry for Thomas for a moment there, but then Thomas let himself down (again).


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