Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are seeking acknowledgement from the Royal Family that UK press coverage of Meghan is awful.

Gayle King recounted a conversation she had with Prince Harry and Meghan when she phoned them to check in with the couple to see how they were bearing up after their Oprah interview. Meghan and Harry told Gayle that Prince William and Prince Charles had now been in contact since the Oprah interview, but at this time nothing productive had resulted.

Meghan and Harry are open to conversations with the Royal Family to repair relationships, but they remain frustrated that inaccurate and unfair stories were and still continue to be printed in the UK press about Meghan, and with the Royal Family doing nothing to correct the situation. Meghan and Harry feel that they need the Royal Family to acknowledge that Meghan's press coverage has been unfair, and inaccurate, and has a racist slant to it. 
Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Without the Royal Family hearing and addressing these concerns it will likely make any reconciliation a lot harder. It seems no one from the senior members of the Royal Family has reached out to Meghan since the Oprah interview to see how she is doing, which seems uncaring given her revelations about her mental health and because she is pregnant. 


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