Prince Harry's Hague Invictus Games are further postponed to 2022 due to pandemic issues.

Not unsurprisingly given the continuing Covid-19 issues around the world, the Organizing Committee of The Invictus Games The Hague 2020 announced that they intend to move the event due to be held in the Netherlands back to the Spring of 2022. 

The committee stated that the move is to avoid current social distancing measures that would otherwise negatively impact the recovery journey of its competitors. A virtual event was considered but was not seen as being in keeping with the Invictus Spirit, as spectators are as much a part of the Games as the competitors. Kind Thoughts for Meghan Markle

Some Invictus competitors joined Prince Harry in a short video talking of how they will continue to show their resilience when dealing with the delay of the Games. 

Wouter Bakker, Captain of the Dutch Invictus Games team also said, “Given the current Corona situation, the news comes as no surprise. A digital variant or organising the event without an audience would not feel like an Invictus Games to me and does not do justice to the spirit of the Games. I, as well as my teammates, think that moving the event to the Spring of 2022 is the best decision. This will end the uncertainty that all participants are in and we can properly prepare and focus on next year.


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