Prince Harry is interviewed for "WaterBear" a newly launched Environmental Streaming Network.

In his role as President of the NGO African Parks, an interview with Prince Harry will air on the newly launched (free) environmental streaming network WaterBear.

Prince Harry is interviewed for newly launched Environmental Streaming Network 'WaterBear'
WaterBear markets itself as an interactive streaming platform 'dedicated to the future of the planet.

They will provide access to content as well as allowing members to take action, by becoming involved in advocacy and volunteering, or by making donations directly to organizations and environmental causes featured.

WaterBear encourage us to:

Watch - Enjoy feature-length documentaries, engaging short films and inspirational media, all carefully selected by WaterBear. 

Connect - Find out more about organisations on a mission to save the planet by exploring impact films, and discovering more about their work in the field.

Take Action - Discover a global network of 80+ partners, their projects and take action directly through the platform for the causes that you care about most.


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