Indian charity that Meghan supports is a finalist for a Cisco Global Prize

The Myna Mahila Foundation in India is one of the finalists that has been nominated to receive the Cisco Global Citizen Youth Leadership Prize 2020. The prize is worth $250,000.00. Click here to vote for them / to learn more

Since its launch in 2015 the charity's mission centers around 3 pillars:

  1. Improving and Teaching about Menstrual Hygiene (#PeriodPoverty)
  2. Building Women's Networks and
  3. Employing Women / Female Empowerment
Indian Charity that Meghan has long supported is nominated for Global Prize

Meghan supported this charity when volunteering prior to her marriage to Harry. In January 2017 Meghan travelled to India with international charity World Vision, when she led an inspiring initiative aimed at women in impoverished parts of the country, and where she learned about issues affecting women and young girls living in slum communities. 

Meghan and Harry chose this charity as one of the beneficiaries for donations in lieu of gifts for their 2018 wedding.


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