Duchess of Sussex encourages girls and women to do what is right even when it is not popular!

Meghan Markle gave a motivating keynote speech to the attendees of the 2020 Girl Up Summit. Appearing virtually, she encouraged girls and women to strive to work towards a world that is more inclusive, just, compassionate, and empathetic.  

As always Meghan spoke clearly and eloquently, drawing on her life experiences whilst at the same time keeping the focus on the attendees. 
Two ladies from Girl Up chosen to introduce Meghan Markle ahead of her keynote speech at the 2020 Summit
The young ladies who introduced Meghan Markle 
Meghan urged the audience not to accept the status quo, to challenge the norms even if this means making leaders, law makers and executives a little uncomfortable. Meghan stressed that it is only in times of discomfort that real change occurs. She encouraged girls and women who found the pace of change too slow, to push harder and to use their voices courageously yet compassionately.  
Duchess of Sussex encourages girls and women to do what is right even when it is not popular! - Meghan Markle and her keynote speech at 2020 Girl Up Summit
Curtesy of the Duchess of Sussex / Girl Up
The Duchess repeated a statement that she has made many times before. It is not about winning or losing but about having men, boys, women, and girls, and people black and white, all on board to achieve mutual benefits for all.

Meghan acknowledged the benefits and downside of social media, saying digital space allows people to get messages out easily but is also misused. She encouraged females to build each other up, as opposed to breaking each other down.  

Meghan smiled knowingly when she talked about doing what your gut tells you is right, "even if it is not popular." She added, if something scares other people and even if it scares yourself a little bit, push through your fear and chase your convictions with actions.


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