Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's personal royal monogram is making all the news

You can tell that it was a quiet day for some UK newspapers when the monogram stationery used by Meghan and Harry for a letter that they wrote to a UK charity made as much news as the contents of their letter. - Duke and Duchess of Sussex's personal royal monogram and its coronet are making all the news
Who knew that the sight of the crown in their personal monogram could cause so much fuss? It seems some people are under the mistaken impression that since the Duke and Duchess are no longer “senior working” royals, that this means they are no longer part of the royal family and must ditch the crown on their stationery.

I am glad that I only use humble copier paper for my letter writing. Not that my letters hold as much interest or are subject to as much scrutiny as are Meghan and Harry's!


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