Prince Harry and Meghan should continue to speak out about human rights issues - they will have a real impact.

Harry and Meghan both have a history of supporting people's human rights. They have proven this both in what they say, as well as through the work that they do in the charities they are involved with. 

Whilst Meghan took centre stage this week for her passionate speech on racial inequality,  questionably outshining all the work done this past week by other members of the royal family, we should not forget the meaningful work that Harry has been doing for a long time in Africa.

Both Harry and Meghan have a natural understanding and empathy for people whose lives are affected by inequalities. I am really hoping that their new non-profit, Archewell, will focus on human rights issues. They have the ability to make a real impact, especially given that they have a bit more freedom in what they can say now they are not senior working royals.
Harry and Meghan should continue to speak out about human rights


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