Prince Harry joins in commemorations for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day

As part of the commemorations for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, Prince Harry was asked by @BBCTheOneShow to join a special film (via Zoom) commemorating the bravery of veterans and helping highlight stories of military veterans from the famous Guinea Pig Club and CASEVAC Club.

Per Wikipedia the Guinea Pig Club, established in 1941, was a social club and mutual support network for British and allied aircrew injured during World War II. Its membership was made up of patients of who had undergone experimental reconstructive plastic surgery, including facial reconstruction, generally after receiving burn injuries in aircraft.

It has been described as the most exclusive Club in the world, but the entrance fee is something most men would not care to pay and the conditions of membership are arduous in the extreme. Archibald McIndoe, 1947
Logo for The Guinea Pig Club
Per their website, the CASEVAC Club (part of the Royal Foundation) is built on the age-old military principle of mutual support. The CASEVAC Club was set up veterans of the War in Afghanistan and is a vehicle through which ex-servicemen and women continue this support into the long term, looking after each other as servicemen and women have always done. Many of its members would not be alive but for the excellent medical care and the support they received after being injured during their service.


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