Stop Mom-Shaming the Duchess of Sussex - I'm so glad my parenting was not scrutinized on social media

Why to people feel the need to mom shame the Duchess of Sussex? (Yes Emily Giffin**, I am referring to you). 

I'm so glad that I parented before 'social media' and that my own parenting skills weren't subject to all this scrutiny and criticism. I likely would have cracked.

I still remember vividly the stress of parenting my 1st son during his first year of life. The joy of the pregnancy over and into the reality of limited sleep, feeling isolated and anchorless, and basically not having a clue. I had been 'working' before becoming a mom and desperately missed the mental stimulation. 

My husband was a bit better than I having grown up as the oldest of quite a few siblings. But still we both struggled in that first year.

We got it in time. Relaxed a bit more and realized that time sorts out most parenting issues. We learned not to expect too much of ourselves.

There's this great T.V. ad that sums up parenting. The advert shows a young couple nervously trying to bathe their first baby. They have all the equipment and all the time in the world and the baby is still crying its eyes out. The advert jumps forward a few years and the couple are rushing around in the morning trying to get ready for work whilst feeding the first child. Mom hands baby #2 to dad and they wash in the shower together. Child is happy as can be. Job done.

So anyone who feels the urge to mom shame. Pause before you Post. Unless the mom or the dad are bashing the kid in or otherwise abusing or neglecting it, just back off and stay quiet. Thanks.
Why to certain people feel the need to mom shame the Duchess of Sussex and other new moms. (yes Emily Giffin I am referring to you).
** Weeks later, Ms. Giffin  'reflected' on her comments about Meghan, admitting they were 'mean'.


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