HRH Duchess of Sussex and Associated Newspapers Ltd - initial Judgment released by UK High Court

The full 80 paragraph Judgment of Mr. Justice Warby at the UK High Court, resulting from a motion by the newspaper in the case HRH The Duchess of Sussex and Associated Newspapers Limited, was published on the High Court's website today .The High Court has also published a 14 paragraph summary of its findings (the Cole's notes version).

Meghan Markle's court case v Associated Newspapers in the UK - judgment from motion by the newspapers released on High Court Website

The judgment did result in certain paragraphs of Meghan's Application / Particulars of Claim and her Reply to the newspaper's Defence being struck for legal reasons e.g. the pleading were not properly drafted or were not relevant to support her case which is one of misuse of private information, breach of duty under the General Data Protection Regulation, and infringement of copyright. This would be down to her lawyers as opposed to Meghan herself.  In layman's terms this motion was tidying up the pleadings and clarifying what the case will be about and cutting out extraneous issues. Meghan will likely to have to pay the newspaper’s costs for this particular hearing.


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