Victoria Buzz's Meghan and Harry April Fool's Day article

At first blush, an article in yesterday's Victoria Buzz under the headline "Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Vancouver Island mansion just went up for sale and it’s bizarre" could have been plausible. The article advises that post their (yet to be officially confirmed) move to L.A., the mansion that Meghan and Harry were renting in North Saanich BC is to be listed on the real estate market. The article states how the house will be listed at $1 million less than first estimated. However, when you read on, you realize this article is not what it first seemed. It reads:

According to sources, that’s because the place is absolutely filled to the brim with memorabilia from Markle’s former TV show Suits. What was once an indoor hot tub is now a storage container for monogrammed cuff-links, and two entire bedrooms have been redesigned to store over two thousand dusty old posters.

“Honestly, the sheer amount of Suits stuff they left here is baffling,” said Realtor Henry Ocho. “There are some good finds — like signed photos and business cards, but also some real bizarre pieces, like hundreds of cheap clip-on ties and hastily-cut reams of the set’s carpeting strewn all over the house.”

But wait, wasn't yesterday April Fool's Day and who are these "sources" - when you click the word sources in the article you are taken to a You Tube Video of a 1986 song titled "April Fool". Confirmation that indeed this was an April Fool's Day joke article.
Victoria Buzz publishes April Fool's Day joke article about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Photo from Victoria Buzz


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