Prince Harry's African Parks Patronage Earth Day 2020 Video

Click here to watch the African Parks web site beautifully shot video short called "Hope Starts Here". The video is in honour of Earth Day 2020. The Duke of Sussex is president of African Parks. The post includes a cautionary message to us all in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic: 

Duke of Sussex's African Parks Patronage Earth Day 2020 Video Hope Starts Here
"50 years ago, Earth Day was born out of a movement to prevent oil spills, to cease the wholesale slaughter of animals, and to stop human-made chemicals from contaminating our air, water, soil, and food. People saw the need for a healthy environment. They began demanding a future for nature, and for themselves.

Today, as a global pandemic sweeps across the planet, bringing countries to a virtual standstill, the message is louder than ever - we depend on nature for our survival. While COVID-19 came from nature – it is our own actions that unleashed it. Our insatiable demand for space and resources has caused habitat destruction and over exploitation of wildlife, which we now know is undeniably linked to this epidemic. If there was ever a case for protecting nature, if we ever needed a reminder that our mission matters, it is now."


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