Meghan Markle's Mayhew Animal Welfare Patronage is adapting well to Covid-19 issues

Whilst the media attention for Covid-19 issues quite appropriately focuses on its effects on people, we cannot forget that animals and in particular pets are also affected by this crisis. 

Meghan's UK patronage, the Mayhew Animal Welfare Charity, has been pro-actively responding and adapting to Covid-19 concerns, seeking to protect their staff and volunteers and also the cats and dogs who fall under their care.
Since March 10th, the team at Mayhew UK have been regularly posting Coronavirus updates on their website. Unfortunately many of their fundraising events had to be cancelled or postponed. I was fearful this would affect their ability to finance their on-going activities. But pet lovers have rallied around and have offered much support. Whilst the group have, for health and safety reasons, temporarily suspended adoptions of animals, Mayhew recently announced that they have been overwhelmed with generous offers to assist with fostering their animals until normal operations resume. 

Yesterday the veterinary clinic at Mayhew announced that would be trialing a limited delivery service of flea and worming treatments for existing clients living close to Mayhew. 

So very good news for this particular charity. 
Duchess of Sussex's  Mayhew Animal Welfare Patronage adapting well to Covid-19 issues


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