Prince Harry's Covid-19 comments made during a Declassified Podcast taken out of context by some media outlets

If you are looking for a podcast to listen to check out Declassified Episode 11 and hear Michael Coates and Prince Harry discuss Harry's past work with charity Team Rubicon UK.  Team Rubicon UK is an organization made up of veteran servicemen and servicewomen who 'deploy' to volunteer in emergencies and disasters in the hardest to reach parts of the world. Members are currently assisting the UK's National Health Service (NHS) and UK's military command in helping where needed with the coronavirus pandemic. 
Duke of Sussex's comments taken out of context by UK media about his Covid-19 comments made during a Declassified Podcast

Harry discusses the attributes that former servicemen and women have which make them ideally suited for volunteering including; commitment to country and community; selflessness; a sense of family first; the ability to work as a team and wanting to help others.

A few media sources in the UK have reported that during this interview Harry said the media were overplaying the seriousness of Covid-19 with Harry saying that things "are better than we have been led to believe". The context of this quote was not fully explained. Harry was talking about the human spirit and how the emphasis in the media is often on the negative aspects of isolation, rather than highlighting the many good stories of people helping out one another in this time of uncertainty. 

It is no wonder that Harry gets frustrated with certain media outlets.

Prince Harry, from his Hollywood mansion, accusing the media of exaggerating the scale of this crisis in Britain is contemptible. It’s the media that is exposing the real scale of it as our death toll rockets to highest in Europe & over 60 health workers have now died.


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