Podcast / Video Ideas for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during Covid-19 shutdown

Dear Meghan and Harry

Hi guys, yes, it is a scary and uncertain time and yes, we feel more anxious by constantly watching TV coverage and reading the on-line reports about Covid-19. So what can you guys do to help distract us a bit?

To cheer us up and to help us feel connected, we need to actually see you and hear you not just read your posts. Here are some suggestions of things that you might do to involve us in your lives whilst maintaining your privacy:

1. A live cook along with Meghan. Wine optional. 
2. A podcast of a bed-time story for young kids read by Harry.
3. A video of one your nature strolls through the woods in Victoria Island.
4. Yoga with Meghan.
5. Harry chatting about his life in the military (or about naughty things he did when younger).
6. And, well you get the drift….

Take care and hoping to see you soon.


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