Billboard Attention for Meghan!

American ice cream company Coolhaus are giving Meghan some prominent attention in their billboard ads for their new ice cream flavour called "Queen's Coffee" 

Apparently the new flavour is the result of a partnership with Allegro Coffee, the Colorado-based specialty coffee company that makes Whole Foods Market’s signature house roast. The ice cream is made with Allegro’s Three Queens Blend (hence the name), which is sourced and produced by women in East Africa and was selected to help raise awareness and support gender equality in the run-up to International Women’s Day, on March 8. Coolhaus will also donate to Myna Mahila Foundation, an NGO focused on female empowerment, in support of IWD 2020.
Duchess of Sussex mentioned in Amercian Billboards
Per their website, Natasha and Freya founded Coolhaus in 2009 because they did not feel represented by any of the dessert brands on shelves… not as Millennials, not as women, and definitely not as gay women. They decided to leave their jobs in architecture and non-profit real estate development, and create the brand––from product to culture––that they wanted to buy. They hope Coolhaus inspires the next generation of female founders, entrepreneurs, and creators to live out their dreams. Check out the coolhaus website


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