UK Public call for Government Inquiry on Media Treatment of People in the Public Eye Inlcuding Harry and Meghan

Following the tragic suicide of U.K. television presenter Caroline Flack members of the public have signed at least two petitions calling on the U.K. government to investigate the way that the British media mistreat those in the public eye. 

One petition cites the poor treatment of Caroline and also Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, "to name a few." 
Death of Caroline Flack likened to poor media treatement of Harry and Meghan
Another petition started by an actress on a popular U.K television series calls on the government to enact new and stricter laws around safeguarding celebrities and people in the public eye. In order to protect the mental health and human rights of those in the public eye, this second petition is asking for laws to prevent the media doing the following:

  • Releasing information that there is no evidence for and is therefore false
  • Printing source quotes from anyone or an unreliable source
  • Invading privacy and sharing private information that is detrimental to the celebrity, their mental health and those around them
  • Paparazzi taking and printing images without permission
  • Releasing an individuals private medical or health related information or their sexual orientation
  • Releasing articles about leaked explicit photos, videos and revenge porn
  • Stricter legal boundaries regarding unwanted trespassing nearby the property where the individual resides, or is visiting.
At the very least let's hope that these petitions make people think of the damage that unkind words and actions cause. In our 24-hour news cycle world, whilst we may quickly forget a story that happened yesterday or last week, the effect on the person who was berated in the media can be everlasting and devastating.   


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