Meghan and Harry to give an Exit Interview?

I wonder if the recent treatment of Meghan and Harry by the Royal Family in creating strict terms and conditions as to what the couple can and cannot do when they transition away from being senior working Royals, will push Meghan and Harry into a tell all T.V. interview?

The couple's recent statement setting out their views on how they feel that they have been treated, according to Harry and Meghan, harsher than other members of the Royal Family who have in the past 'left' royal life and got jobs,  may lead them to think they have nothing more to lose?
Will duke and duchess of Sussex feel that they have nothing to lose by doing a TV interview
Their situation reminds me of when Harry's late mother gave her 1995 T.V.  interview to the BBC's Martin Bashir about the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles. At the time I questioned how wise a decision it was for Princess Diana to sit for the interview and to reveal so much family business. However, in light of the way Meghan and Harry feel about similar negative treatment by Buckingham Palace maybe Meghan and Harry should just go for it.

Marrying into the Royal Family seems to be like booking in for a stay at the 'Hotel California', a place that you can never leave.


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