Thoughts on the Queen's Statement yesterday about Meghan and Harry and their media coverage

Through the words in her statement yesterday about Meghan and Harry and their transition away from royal duties towards independent lives, the Queen showed she is completely aware of how the UK media have treated Meghan and Prince Harry. 

The Queen showed her awareness of the negative 'press' that Meghan and Harry have been getting. Here are 3 ways she did so:

1. The Queen, in her statement, starts with the words "following months of conversations and more recent discussions......" showing that the media stories that Meghan and Harry just dropped the news on the Queen without the Queen being aware were completely untrue.

2. The Queen stated that "she recognised the challenges.. and intense scrutiny" Meghan and Harry have been subjected to over the last 2 years. i.e. the press have hounded them.

3. The Queen thanked both Meghan and Harry for their work then gave Meghan a special message of support "I am particularly proud of how Meghan has so quickly become one of the family." In other words if Meghan is good enough for me, the Queen, everyone else needs to back off. 
Queen shows her understanding of the Media scrutiny that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have faced
The Queen attending Church today.


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