Thomas Markle Needs to Lawyer Up

I did not watch the latest UK Channel 5 T.V. interview given by Thomas Markle nor have I watched any of his previous interviews. What I know about him I get from the media which as we know is not always a reliable source. I am not a fan of his. Unlike Meghan’s mom Doria Ragland who acts with dignity and from whom we hear very little, Thomas loves to sound off to the media. He is often paid to do so. But none-the-less I worry about him. 

It is not certain who is going to win the civil suit between Meghan and the Mail on Sunday but what is very clear is that Thomas Markle is going to lose and lose big

Thomas Markles less than a star witness credibility issues
Photo from the Mirror UK Newspaper

Given Thomas has now admitted during his latest TV interview of having lied to various people, the little credibility he had has gone completely out of the window. If Thomas does indeed get called by either side to take the stand in Markle v The Mail on Sunday, Thomas admissions to lying will likely lead to him being torn about by the trial lawyers. Further, should Thomas continue to lie and do so whilst under oath he risks being charged with perjury.

I worry for Thomas because it is very likely that if the Mail on Sunday gets backed into a corner in the lawsuit, they will protect themselves first and foremost even if it means 'chucking Thomas under the bus'. Thomas would be left alone to face the wrath of the public and possibly the law. 

Well he deserves it you might say. Given his money grabbing ways, and his bad-mouthing of his daughter and son-in-law, and for airing all his family issues in public, something which he has continued to do even as I write in a new interview with UK The Sun newspaper. But does he deserve to be on the end of that much hatred, and what’s more, will his health be able to cope? Thomas advises that he suffers from stress and anxiety. Then there is his heart issue that caused him to miss out on attending the royal wedding and alledgedly prevented him from walking Meghan down the aisle. As much as we don’t like the way he is acting he doesn’t deserve to become seriously ill or worse die.  

It appears that the one person in desperate need of a lawyer and some good legal advice is Thomas Markle.  

He is acting less than intelligently in his press interviews and TV appearances and he is being extremely naïve if he believes the outcome of the lawsuit will be to repair his reputation or indeed to mend his relationship with Meghan. Let's just all hope that his health is strong enough to cope with the whole saga.


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