The Meghan "Markle Effect" is Alive and Kicking in Vancouver

Last week Meghan Markle made an informal visit to the Justice for Girls program in Vancouver. Whilst there she was gifted with a gold whale's tail pendent crafted by a local Haisla artist Hollie Bartlett.

According to an interview with the owner of Vancouver art gallery, Douglas Reynolds Gallery, posted on Vancouver based Daily Hive website, Bartlett came to gallery asking to have back her 18-carat gold whale pendant. Bartlett then gifted the pendent to Meghan.

The Meghan Markle effect is alive and kicking in Vancouver to the benefit of artist Hollie Barlett
“In local Indigenous culture, it is custom to welcome honoured visitors with a gift. In keeping with my tradition, I handpicked my favourite whale tail pendant to give to Justice for Girls to gift to the Duchess during her recent visit,” Bartlett said in a statement.

Following the increased interest in her jewellery following the media coverage of Meghan wearing her gift, Hollie stated that she was delighted by the amount of media coverage this has garnered and so grateful that her artwork has been warmly received.

The gallery owner stated that he has seen a spike in demand for pieces by Bartlett and other northwest coast artists.  According to the owner, Hollie's pieces drove the second-highest dollar amount of jewelry sales in the gallery even before the Markle gift. 

The owner had nothing but praise for Bartlett's work. He said that  “she comes in and I buy every piece of jewellery that she does. There’s never an inconsistency. You just look at it and say ‘I’ll take everything’.”

It appears that the career of an already respected local indigenous artist has gotten a well deserved boost. 


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