The Archie Mountbatten-Windsor "Effect" - just like his mom Meghan

Young Archie is not yet a year old and is already promoting good causes. 

It turns out that the hat that Archie wore in the recent photo of him in the arms of dad Prince Harry was knitted by members of a New Zealand group called Make Give Live. The hat was said to have been gifted to Meghan and Harry during their Royal tour in 2018 when Meghan was pregnant with Archie. It is reported that sales of this "Cocobear" hat went from an average of 45 a day to 450 the day after the image of Archie and Harry was posted.
Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Archie effect with his hat
A hat similar to the one worn by Archie
According to the Make Live Give website the organization works in the following way:

Local community groups meet either every week, or every other week, usually in a cafe, a community hub or a library. Every group has a Group Leader, who hosts the group and makes sure everyone is happy and has knitting to keep them busy. There is no cost involved in joining one of the groups at all and materials are supplied.

As a Social Enterprise hats are knitted to be sold. With every hat that is sold the group donates another one to someone in need in New Zealand. 

The various local groups are all about community and are kept small, no more than about 12 people, so that the participants can enjoy each others company and really get to know one another. Being part of a Make Give Live group is described as like having a second family, where participants can knit and nurture the members mental health and well being. 

The group founders state that looking after oneself is essential and it is a proven fact that knitting has a multitude of therapeutic benefits, including reducing stress, improving self confidence and helping provide meaningful connections and purpose, especially when done as part of a community.

So beautiful knit wear for people to purchase with donations made to those in need and with positive health benefits for the knitters. That is what I call a win - win - win situation!


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