Survey confirms What We All Knew about Meghan Markle's UK Press Coverage

A report by UK's Independent newspaper confirms what we all knew. The Duchess of Sussex gets a lot more negative press that her sister-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge. The Independent refer to a survey conducted by the UK Guardian newspaper and report:

According to analysis conducted by The Guardian, 43 per cent of articles written about Meghan Markle between May 2018 and mid-January 2019 were negative in tone.

Out of 843 articles about Meghan published in 14 newspapers, just 20 per cent were found to be positive, while the remaining 36 per cent were neutral.

In contrast, most articles written about Kate Middleton in the same time period were either positive or neutral.

The analysis found that out of 144 articles about Kate, 45 per cent were positive, 47 per cent were neutral and just eight per cent were negative.

Its no wonder that Harry and Megan are moving away from the UK.
Survey confirms that Duchess of Sussex gets alot more negative press coverage than Duchess of Cambridge


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