Meghan Markle and Prince Harry send message to Australians ref Wildfires

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and other members of the royal family have sent messages of support and sympathy to the people of Australia in light of the wildfires that continue to ravage the country, destroying property and causing deaths.

In Meghan and Harry’s post they speak of the fires that are happening in Australia and also in California, parts of Africa, and in the Amazon, calling these environmental disasters. The couple state that this global environmental crisis "has been described as Ecocide" defined as the destruction of the natural environment willfully done.
Duke and Duchess of Sussex send message of sympathy to Australians ref the continuing wild fires
Meghan and Harry will likely take some flack for these comments which clearly step into political commentary. They might be seen as suggesting that world leaders are not doing enough to tackle global warming and environmental issues to prevent such disasters. The counter argument is that clearly someone needs to step up and take a stand to force action and if this means taking some criticism so be it.

Meghan and Harry have also posted the names of charities in Australia to whom their Instagram followers may make donations.


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