Meghan Markle and Prince Harry continue Canadian Connections

For their first public visit after their 6-week family break, part of which they spent in British Columbia, Meghan and Harry kept up their Canadian links making a return visit to Canada House in London. 

Meghan and Harry were last at Canada House in March 2019 when Meghan was still pregnant with Archie, that visit being one of the last official engagements that Meghan undertook prior to starting her maternity leave.

Part of the purpose of today's visit was to meet with and thank Canada’s consular staff as representatives of Canada. Meghan and Harry expressed their thanks for the ‘warm hospitality’ that they received during their recent stay in Canada. They certainly looked very relaxed and cheerful during today's visit.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry return to Canada House London Jan 7th 2020
Meghan and Harry also took in some art exhibitions including one by indigenous artist Skawennati. According to search engine Wikipedia Skawennati is a Mohawk multimedia artist, best known for her online works as well as Machinima that explore contemporary Indigenous cultures, and what indigenous life might look like in futures inspired by science fiction. She serves as the Indigenous Knowledge Holder at the prestigious McGill University in Quebec. 

Art by Skawennati


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