Business as Usual today for Prince Harry at UK Africa Summit

This morning at the UK-Africa Investment Summit London 2020, hosted by UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson, Prince Harry met with leaders from Malawi, Mozambique and Morocco. Per the web site for the summit, its aim is to bring together businesses, governments and international institutions to showcase and promote the breadth and quality of investment opportunities across Africa. The hope is that the summit will support job creation on the continent and Africa’s economic development and help build a strong partnership between the UK and African nations for mutual prosperity.
Prince Harry business as usual as UK-Africa Investment Summit London 2020
Prince Harry with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prince Harry posted some photos of himself and African leaders at the summit on the @sussexroyal Instagram account. Harry talks of his love for Africa. He reminds us about both his and Meghan's past work there. He adds that he and Meghan will continue to support a growing network of young change-makers across the Commonwealth through their roles as President and Vice-President of The Queen's Commonwealth Trust.


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