African Women Lawyer's Association (UK) Support Duchess of Sussex

On December 12th 2019 the African Women Lawyer's Association in the UK wrote to the Duchess of Sussex to empathize with what they describe as Meghan's frustrating and costly experience due her treatment by the British media. 

The members of the association go on to say that they feel Meghan is owed an apology by the media and better treatment for her charitable endeavours and royal duties. The association members express a sense of pride that a sister has been accepted and married into the royal family and they feel Meghan acts as a mentor and role model for other women of African and Caribbean descent. The lawyer members urge the media to stop what they describe as the defamation of Meghan's character and urge the media to shine a light on the positive aspects of Meghan's work.
UK African Women Lawyer's Association support Meghan Markle

The African Women Lawyer's Association in the UK operate a mentoring scheme to assist black women in the law with career development. They share ideas, knowledge and resources, refer businesses, provide a supportive environment and opportunities for women to network and build up contacts. The association represent Black Women Lawyers at working parties, national and international conferences. 


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